I became a book editor because I love books and wanted to spend my life around them. I went freelance because it allowed me to concentrate on the part of the editor’s job that I loved best—working with authors, nurturing great ideas, and making the content of a book the best it can be. Along the way, I discovered that sometimes authors had tons of great ideas for a book, but not tons of time to write. And thus a ghostwriter was born. With every book, I get a whole new education. It’s a great gig.

What does an editor do?

Whether you’re seeking a detailed line edit or a more big-picture developmental edit (or both), I can bring a fresh eye to your nonfiction proposal or manuscript and help ensure that your ideas and stories are conveyed in the most effective, accessible, and even entertaining way possible. I look closely at what’s there, but I look equally closely at what’s not there. I might suggest better word choices, note opportunities to expand upon a theme, or indicate areas that could benefit from more supportive data or an anecdote. Together, we’ll make sure that your project meets any agent or publisher’s highest standards.

I need a ghostwriter. Can you write my book even though you’re not an expert in my field?

The fact that I’m not an expert in your field is one of my assets. It ensures that I will ask the right questions. Another asset in your favor is that I am curious. I will turn over every stone to see what more I can find to help enrich your book–more detail, more color, more context. I love to tell stories and will do everything I can to draw them out of you. An author once told me that I dig deep; I took that as a compliment.

Will my book sound like me?

Yes, because though I’m writing the words, as often as possible they will be your words. I read my authors’ previously written material, listen to their podcasts, and watch videos of their presentations to gather information and to get a feel for how they express themselves and talk about their ideas. I often record my phone conversations with my authors, not just so I can revisit all the details of what they say, but also so I can revisit how they say it—their cadence, style, and word preference—then develop and augment their ideas in clear, concise prose. For me, the challenge and the fun of ghostwriting is in successfully channeling an author’s voice to the page.

How much do you charge?

Each project is negotiated on a case by case basis.

Can you help me get an agent?

Most of the authors I work with already have representation. If you do not and we decide to work together, I will devote myself to making  your proposal or manuscript the best it can be. The rest will be up to you.  There are many publications and online resources available to help you determine who would be the best agent for your work.

Anything else I should know?

I’m half French, half Bronx. I usually work alongside a brindle mixed-breed dog and a semi-housetrained terrier. I like to cook and I like to eat, and I like to talk about what I cook and eat. I still get a newspaper.

I want my authors to be proud of their books. I want their ideas to shine, and to help them inform, enlighten, or help their readers. While I’m at it, I want to enjoy getting to know them and learn something new.

If I sound like someone you might like to work with, please get in touch.